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32, originally from Germany and has worked in the industry for half a decade. Loves a good movie, a glass of wine and loud music.
Likes music, gaming and going for bike tours in the English countryside.
Nearly thirty. Studied literature. Enjoys swimming, long-distance cycling, gourmet food, cinema, reading, craft ales, and whisky, among other things. Currently living in England.
An oniomaniac who came to the UK 8 years ago as an international student studying Marketing, and currently working and living in York. Loves food, cooking, music, succulent plants and of course online shopping.
Has worked around the world teaching IT and working with SEO. Loves an occasional surfing trip and diving with sharks.
Interested in technology and the internet with a healthy interest in select sports. Headhunted to become a Digital Media Agent for Blue Note.
Gamer, blogger and movie nerd. Likes very loud music and French cheeses.
Sports & gigs fanatic, enjoys road trips and hopes to move to the US one day.
First love is the outdoors, but has grown to love technology over the years. Movie buff.
Has been in the online marketing sector for 7 years and never stops learning. Photographer in my free time, loves traveling and discovering new cultures.
24 years young, hobbies are music festivals and travelling the world as well as sky diving. A real adrenaline junkie.
An ambitious careerwoman, I want my two children to have a good role model. On the path to become a leader in this industry.
Worked in the prison service until she realised her love for technology after starting a blog in 2010 and joining the SEO business.
Part-time singer-songwriter and music blogger. Loves museums, long walks and learning about new cultures. History of Art graduate.

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